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Teral Pumps
Model NX-VFC: Water supply pump
Model NX-VFC: Water supply pump

1. The pump maker, has unitized the pump, control panel, pressure tank, and base.
• All parts required for unitizing are high - quality
• Functions and performance required for unitizing are cutting edge.
• Product life is long and it is also convenient from the standpoint of cost
2. Can be installed anywhere because of its compact size.
• Can even be installed under a stairs or under the receiving tank.
• Replacing an existing pump provides a surplus of machinery room space
• If there is no machinery room, the unit can be installed outdoors by using a special outdoor cover ( option )
3. Unit for trustworthy, clean drinking water.
• Pump uses " rust free " precision stainless steel forging
• All wet parts other than the pump are made of stainless steel, resing, or " rust free " material.
• Leak - proof mechanical seal is used. The unit surroundings are always clean.





Operation mode

Auto- alternate operation

Auto- alternate parallel operation

Control system

Constant presumed terminal pressure control based on freguencies/ constant discharge pressure control

Applicable liguid


Fress water


0 ~ 40 ºC

Installation environment

Indoor ( 0 to 40 ºC )/ humidity: 85% or less ( not condensing )/ attitude: 1000m or less

Lift condition

Pouring ( up to pouring head of 5 m )

Pump ( Material )

Stainless horizontel multistage centrifugal pump model NX

( Impeller: SUS304, Casing: SCS13, Main shaft: SUS304)



Totally- enclosed fan- cooled type for indoor use

Protection method


Number of electrode bars

2 electrode bars

Companion flange

Dedicated type companion flange

Supply power

0.4 to 7.5kw, three phase, 380V/400V (50Hz), 400-440V (60Hz)


Common base: munsell N-5

Pressure tank: munsell 10Y5.5/0.5

Pressure tank

Model DPT10 ( 10L diapphragm type pressure tank )

Pressure detection

Pressure transmitter

Transmission method: 5V DC, three- wire Output voltage: 0.5 to 3.5V DC

Control panel



Motor protection

Inverter ( electrothermal )

Normal indication

Through indicators: power source, pump run (ea), pump inhibition (ea), abnormal (collective)

Displays include: discharge pressure, voltage, operating current (ea), operating frequency (ea), cum. run time (ea), cum. number of starts time (ea), number of starts time on the previous day, alarm log ( last 5 )

Failure displays

Full water, low water, prevent dry operation, electrode abnormal, start up frequency abnormal, pressure transmitter 1 abnormal EEPROM error.

Motor overlood (ea), discharge pressure abnormal drop (ea), electric leakage (ea), high temprature (ea), flow switch abnormal (ea).

Overcurrent (ea), overvoltage (ea), stall prevention (ea), inverter overload (ea), communication alarm, inverter trouble 1 (ea), inverter trouble 2 (ea)

External outputs

Inflow solenoid valve output AC200V operation/ failure signal (no- voltage, normally open contact )

External input

External stop signal ( interlock ), conforms to a/b contacts





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